Anatomically correct anthropomorphic brain phantom. For use with both MRI and Ultrasound.

The phantom can be fabricated as a solid homogeneous piece of material with the acoustical properties close to the average properties of human brain tissue.


  • The phantom can be enriched with the following features:
    • Not anatomically correct blood vessels
    • Anatomically correct blood vessels
    • Customized features within the blood vessels (available for both version of blood vessels)
    • Brain ventricles
    • Brain tumor
    • Static foreign objects embedded within the brain
  • T1 and T2 values mimicked
  • Speed of sound, ultrasonic attenuation, density and acoustic impendance mimicked
  • Customisable based on size and shape (can be adapted to individual scans based on customer requirements)

Features which can be implemented to the main components (brain or skull):

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