Head Phantom

Complete anatomically correct anthropomorphic head phantom which can be loaded with all of the features from the above list. For use with both MRI and Ultrasound.


  • Contains:
    • Standard full skull
    • Standard brain
    • Standard not anatomically correct blood vessels with implemented stenosis and aneurysm
    • Fork feature implemented to the vessels
    • Embedded foreign static objects
    • Epidural aneurysm
  • Surrounding tissue for the head
  • The porosity can be adjusted according to the requirement of the particular project.
  • T1 and T2 values mimicked
  • Speed of sound, ultrasonic attenuation, density and acoustic impendance mimicked
  • Customisable based on size and shape (can be adapted to individual scans based on customer requirements)

Comes with:

  • Detailed user manual
  • Robust carrying case for easy transport

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