Micro CT Phantom Kit

This Micro CT phantom kit allows for the assessment of Micro CT systems and in Micro CT research. The kit is a standard size of 32mm, but can be scaled up or down to suit requirements.

The phantoms in the kit can also be purchased individually.

The Micro CT phantom kit includes:

  • CT dose phantom
  • Water phantom
  • Point Spread Function PSF phantom
  • Multi layer phantom
  • HA phantom
  • Low Contrast phantom


  • The standard diameter is 32mm but can modified upon request
  • The CT Dose phantom comes with a water equivalent background and fits a standard pencil ionisation chamber in the central bore
  • The Water phantom comes filled with distilled water
  • Point Spread Function (PSF) and Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) can be evaluated using the PSF phantom. It contains 2 wires, one in the center and one offset to allow evaluation of the image quality in the periphery
  • The Multi layer phantom (Defrise) containing high density disks separated by layers of 3mm low density disks can be used for artefact evaluation in reconstruction algorithms
  • The HA phantom, replicating high density bone, contains five cylindrical inserts of varying densities of CaHA (calcium hydroxyapatite). The background is water
  • The low contrast phantom replicates low density bone, with a water background

Comes with:

  • Detailed user manual
  • Robust carrying case for easy transport

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