PAS Mammography

This is a simple and efficient-to-use routine medical imaging test phantom which is used daily to evaluate the imaging performance of digital mammography systems. The tests should be carried out with an established baseline. If these baseline measurements ever avert from the norm then this may indicate deterioration of image quality in your fluoroscopic imaging system.


  • Dimensions: Phantom 240mm diameter semi-circle x 40mm thick
  • Aluminium stepwedge 14 steps from 0 – 5.20mm
  • 6mm thick plate with recesses to insert test inserts into
  • Steel balls for missed tissue on rear of plate (the chest wall)
  • PMMA insert with ROI
  • High contrast insert (50% surface PMMA / 50% surface steel)
  • CNR insert (0.10mm Aluminium square)
  • 4 Attenuator plates (2x 10mm, 2x 20mm)

Comes with:

  • Detailed user manual
  • Robust carrying case for easy transport

Complies with:

  • PAS 1054

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