This is a simple and efficient-to-use routine medical imaging test phantom which is used daily to evaluate the imaging performance of mammography systems. A realistic image is formed which shows filaments, micro-particles and low-contrast details, representing pathological features in the breast. If any of these ever avert from the norm then this may indicate deterioration of image quality in your fluoroscopic imaging system.


  • Dimensions: 240mm diameter semi-circle x 10mm thick
  • Standard PMMA test block: 6 pieces 10mm thick PMMA 240mm diameter semi-circle, 2 pieces 5mm thick PMMA 240mm diameter semi-circle
  • Filaments (6 groups of filaments)
  • Micro-calcifications (6 groups of micro-calcifications in ranges of 354-224, 283-180, 226-150, 177-106, 141-90, 106-93)
  • Threshold Contrast Details (6 groups of 3, low contrast details groups)
  • • Realistic Mimic Breast Tissue (6 groups of micro-calcifications (as in the above) with a mimic breast tissue feature)

Comes with:

  • Detailed user manual
  • Robust carrying case for easy transport

Complies with:

  • IEC 61223-3-2

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